We recently merged Peninsula Plants with another local plant company The Wright Gardner. We continue to operate and serve our clients as we have for nearly 40 years, but are now migrating Peninsula Plants to The Wright Gardner brand.

Why use Live Plants?

Besides enhancing your decor, plants have health benefits, as well. Today's air-tight buildings often become polluted with toxic chemicals found in glues, carpeting, plastics, fabrics, wall coverings and furniture, leading to allergies, fatigue, headaches, and other health problems. Recent NASA studies have confirmed that plants can help boost productivity as they actually "clean" our indoor air.

Green has a Positive Effect

In addition, psychologists have learned that the color green has a positive effect on our health: it lowers the blood pressure, calms the nervous system, and relieves anxiety. Consequently, interiorscape plantings help decrease stress and facilitate concentration.

Long and Short Term Rental

Peninsula Plant Rental Company not only sells plants, but also provides long and short-term plant rentals. All of our programs include a guaranteed maintenance contract to care for the plants.

Please call us at (408) 320-1260 or email for more information and prices.


All plants are guaranteed. Other than access issues, and acts of God, if a plant declines noticeably from its original condition it will be replaced at no charge to the client.